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Neodymium countersunk magnet

  • Product Name:  Neodymium countersunk magnet
  • Origin:  China
  • Delivery Time:  about 2 weeks but as per actual quantity
  • Minimum Order:  2000 pcs
  • Supply Ability:  60000 pcs / month
  • Product Details:  Neodymium countersunk magnet

Material: NdFeB
Grade: N42
Plating/coating: Ni+Cu+Ni
Packing: boxes+cartons or as per required
MOQ: 2000 pcs
Lead time: about 2 weeks but as per actual quantity
Capability: 60000 pcs / month
Country of origin: China
Introduction and application:

This magnet ball is custom made for one of our customers for a magnetic mount. It is a rectangular magnet with two countersunk holes, which fit for #6 screws.

The detailed size is 1.5”*0.5”*0.25” or 38.1*12.7*6.35mm with two countersunk hole whose top diameter is 0.294” or 7.468mm ;Grade N42.

N42 is our most common grade of NdFeB magnets and we are very flexible in MOQ requirements. Moreover, we have advantage on cost-control both regular shaped and irregular shaped Neodymium magnets over many magnet suppliers thus our price will be quite competitive.

Some other type of plate magnets or rectangular magnets with or without holes is also available. We welcome any inquiry on custom magnet requirements.


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