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ferrite rod 9.2x21mm

  • Product Name:  ferrite rod 9.2x21mm
  • Dimension:  D9.2*21mm
  • Origin:  China ,Ningbo
  • Packing:  cartons or as required
  • Brand Name:  Anfeng
  • Delivery Time:  as per actual quantity
  • Minimum Order:  200000 pcs
  • Supply Ability:  12000000 pcs/ month
  • Product Details:  ferrite rod 9.2x21mm

Ferrite Rod Core is a cylindrical ferrite core, can be easily assembled with a spring coil or wind wire directly. It's widely used for radio antenna, LF/HF RFID antenna, choke coil, inductor, DC power filter, DC signal filter and transformer and ignition system. Due to the open magnetic structure, the core can accept large DC bias before saturate.

The dimension of our ferrite rods are strictly as per customers’ requirement. Usually for diameter, the tolerance is +0 / -0.4 and for the length is +0 / -1. For each shipment, we will prepare samples for our customer to check their dimension and performance parameter.

For mass production, you can be assured the quality of our products, no sharp edge or burrs, no bend shape. We can test the bending by making a tube device and to see if the rod can pass through it smoothly. If yes, we will pack them, otherwise we will make new correct ones.

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