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Neodymium Motor Magnets F50x15x4.5mm

  • Product Name:  Neodymium Motor Magnets F50x15x4.5mm
  • Dimension:  F50x15x4.5mm
  • Magnetization Direction:  magnetization through thickness
  • Coating:  NickelPlated . We also can made Zn, NiCuNi,Ag, Au
  • Origin:  China ,Ningbo
  • Packing:  Carton/Box/Pallet
  • Brand Name:  Anfeng
  • Delivery Time:  10-25days
  • Minimum Order:  1000pcs
  • Supply Ability:  6,000Ton/Year
  • Product Details:  Neodymium Motor Magnets F50x15x4.5mm

Name: Neodymium Motor Magnets
Grade: 35UH
Magnetism direction: magnetization through thickness.

Material: Sintered Neodymium-Iron-Boron (NdFeB)
Coating/Plating: NickelPlated . We also can made Zn, NiCuNi,Ag, Au and other special platings and coatings.

Rotor magnets are most in Arc or segment shape.some are Block magnets
Sintered NdFeB Magnet: is one of the high performance rare earth permanent magnets, which use neodymium (Nd), iron (Fe), and boron (B) as their main ingredients.
1. The NdFeB magnet has high remanence, high coercive force, high energy product and high ratio between performance value and product cost.
2. It can be easily formed into various sizes.
3. Smaller size and lighter weight in designing devices
4. Grade: N35-N52, 33M-50M, 30H-48H, 30SH-45SH, 30UH-40UH, 28EH-38EH, 30AH-33AH.
5.High energy range from 30MGOe to 53MGOe with wonderful coercive force
6. For most applications, coating or plating is recommended.
7. Coatings: Ni, Zn, gold, copper, epoxy, chemical, parylene and so on.
8. Advantages:
a) High energy
b) Very high Hc and Hci output
c) More economical than SmCo
d) Wonderful performance at ambient temperature
9. Disadvantages:
a) Working temperature is below 220°C.
b) Prone to oxidation than other magnet alloys

Physical Property of Magnetic Material:
High Coercive Force, High density, High remanence, High Br.Temp.Coefficient, Anti-demagnetizing, Strong corrosion-resistance, Different series, different work temperature.
Application:sensors, speakers, brushless motor, DC motor, wind generator, magntic hooks, magnetic filter, cup magnet, Automobiles, magnetic coupling, magnetic chuch, permanent Remarks: Please kindly let us know the shape, dimension, grade,magnetized direction, it is our pleasure to serve for you.
Magnetic Characteristics reference table:




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