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N40 magnetic block 20*10*13 mm

  • Product Name:  N40 magnetic block 20*10*13 mm
  • Dimension:  20*10*13 mm
  • Magnetization Direction:  through 10mm thickness
  • Coating:  Ni+Cu+Ni
  • Origin:  China ,Ningbo
  • Packing:  cartons or as per required
  • Brand Name:  Anfeng
  • Delivery Time:  about 2 weeks but as per actual quantity
  • Minimum Order:  5000 pcs
  • Supply Ability:  50000 pcs / month
  • Product Details:  N40 magnetic block 20*10*13 mm

This type of block magnet can be made as magnetic hanging system and some are mounted on special equipments and devices. Two magnets at such dimension can snap each other tightly through a 15mm thick glass or plate.
Especially in supermarket, magnetic hanging and displaying system can hang signs or décor safely and quickly. You can see its features list below:
Inexpensive and reusable tools;
Fast suspension;
Level-hanging signs;
Easy display changes.
With using of powerful ceiling magnets and extension poles instead of ladders, suspension is fast and the risk of falling is eliminated.
Thanks to its greatest flexibility in positioning and easiest take-down of any hanging system, powerful magnet is the ideal solution for a drop ceiling, industrial girder ceiling, or whatever aircraft cables have been hung for a specific signage location.
Here below is the test result of its pull force:

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