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Neodymium Quick Links

New Products

As a rare earth permanent magnets manufacturer, we concentrate more on Neodymium magnets

In order to make it easier for customers to find what they want, we specially settle a Neodymium quick links, from which customers can select products as per shapes quickly. 
Basically list in this group are common shapes like discs, cylinders, cubes, plates and rings and so on. Also there are some common shapes together with countersunk hole and through hole.
Neodymium magnets have replaced alnico and ferrite magnets in many applications where strong permanent magnets are required, because their greater strength allows the use of smaller, lighter magnets for a given application. 
Some examples are:
Head actuators for computer hard disks
Magnetic guitar pickups
Magnetic couplings
cordless tools
Servo motors
Lifting and compressor motors
Synchronous motors
Spindle and stepper motors
Although our products list here haven’t covered all the above applications yet, while we are confident we are capable of offering you exact what you need. On one hand we are doing products as customers’ requirement, on the other we are seeking for innovative magnetic products market and to supply magnet users with qualified while reasonably priced magnets.


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