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About Us

Anfeng Magnets Manufacturing Anfeng is a professional magnet manufacturer and permanent magnet exporter located in Ningbo China with Ningbo & shanghai ports. We supply rare earth magnets specialize in NdFeB magnet, ferrite, AlNiCo, SmCo, rubber magnet with various kinds of shapes including disc magnets, block magnets, ring magnets, cylinder magnets, sphere magnets, countersunk pot magnets, mounting and holding magnets, generator arcs, cube magnets, ball magnets, bars and other customized shapes, Also, we devote ourselves into related products such as magnet tools, magnet assembles and so on. Our magnets are widely used and applied in electronic products, home appliances, automobiles, motor and generators, sensors and switches, rotors and actuators, magnetic couplings, measuring devices ,...

Catalogue and Products

Rare-earth Permanent Magnets

NdFeB Magnets

N52 super magnetic block 3/4"*3/8"*1/4", N40 magnetic cube 2/5"*2/5"*2/5", N42 magnetic disc 3/4"*1/4", N52 magnetic rod 1/4"*1.5",

AlNiCo Magnets

LNG40 AlNiCo5 magnetic rod D1/4" * 3/8'', AlNiCo5 pot holding magnet D 55*36 mm,

SmCo Magnets

Various Shaped Magnets, Special Shaped Magnets, SmCo Ring Magnets, SmCo Arc/ Segment Magnets,

Neodymium Quick Links

NdFeB Disc

N40 magnetic disc 30*3mm, N42 magnetic disc D30*10 mm, N38 magnetic disc 13*4.5mm, N42 magnetic disc 20x5mm, N42 magnetic disc 20x10mm, N38 magnetic disc 15*1.5mm, N38 magnetic disc 15*2mm, N42 magnetic disc 30*10mm, N38 therapy disc magnets D12 * 3 mm, N42 magnetic disc with hole, rare earth magnet disc,

NdFeB Block & Cube

N40 magnetic block 20*10*13 mm, N42 Neodymium magnetic block 50*43.2*20.14 mm, N40 countersunk magnets 60*40*15 mm, N40 rectangular magnet 20*20*7 mm, N45 magnet, N45 super large magnets 175*40*20mm, N52 super magnetic block 3/4"/1/2"*1/4", memo board magnet, N45 rare earth magnets,

NdFeB Rod

N52 magnetic rod 6.35x38.1mm, N42 magnetic rod 6.35x50.8mm, N52 rare earth magnet rod, N52 magnetic rod,

Ring Magnets

Various Shaped Ring Magnets, N45 Ring Neodymium Magnets ¢35x¢24x 10 mm, Rare-Earth Ring Magnets 23.5X18.5X13.5mm, NdFeB Ring Permanent Magnets ¢120x¢28x30mm, Super-Strong Ring Permanent Magnets 40X23X6 mm, Customized Sintered NdFeB Ring Magnets 27X23X3mm, rare earth magnet ring,

Pot Magnets

Neodymium Pot Magnets 2.5" diameter, N40 Rare Earth Permanent Pot Magnets, N50 Strong NdFeB Pot Magnets, N42 Zinc Plated Strong Pot Magnets,

Countersunk Magnets

Neodymium Countersunk Magnets OR37.5xIR33.5x25x4 mm, Neodymium Drilled Block Magnets 20x20x5 (¢8.6X4.5)mm, Neodymium Drilled /Countersunk Magnets F60X40X20mm, N40 Rare Earth Permanent Countersunk Magnets, N33H Strong Neodymium Countersunk Magnets od25xid5x4 mm, N42 Strong Power NdFeB Magnets 12X12X4(¢6.5X4.5)mm, Neodymium countersunk magnet, Neodymium Countersunk Magnets with Flat-head Screw,

Arc & Segment Magnets

Neodymium Arc & Segment Magnets OR32XIR30X23X5mm, Rare –Earth Permanent Arc & Segment Magnets, Strong Neodymium Segment Magnets 40X25X 8-9.77 mm (R=45), N45 Zinc and Nickel Plated Magnets OR37.5xIR33.5x25x4 mm, N42 Zinc Plated NdFeB Segment Magnets OR32.5xIR25.5x15x3 mm,

Sphere Magnets

Customized Sphere Magnets ¢30mm, Magnetic Ball Bracelet ¢6.5X¢3.5, N40 Neodymium Ball Magnets ¢10, N45 Neodymium Sphere Magnets ¢25, N35 Nickel Plated Sphere Magnets ¢20, N35 Rare Earth Sphere Magnets ¢19, N35 Silver Plated Ball Magnets ¢8mm, Various NdFeB Sphere Magnets, N35 sphere magnet,

Custom Magnets

N40 magnetic tube, N35 concave magnets D12*3 mm, N35 therapy magnets, N40 cup magnets OD20 * ID6 * 10 mm, N45 custom magnets with groove 13*5 mm + V shape groove,

Ferrite Magnets

AlNiCo reed switch actuator

Ferrite Rod

ferrite rod 9.2x21mm, ferrite rod 7.9x23mm,

Ferrite Cores

3S4 MnZn ferrite cores 7.8*5.3*3.6 mm

Ferrite Block

ceramic ferrite block 20*50*50 mm

Flexible Magnets

Flexible Rubber Magnets, Flexible Magnet Strip, PVC Magnets, Flexible Magnets Strip /Magnetic Tape,

Industrial Magnets

Motor Magnets

Neodymium Motor Magnets F50x15x4.5mm, Strong Neodymium Motor Magnets N42, 40SH NdFeB motor magnet/neodymium Motor Magnets F50x43x20mm,

Lifting Magnets

Neodymium lifting Magnets QZ-0.3, Rare Earth NdfeB lifting Magnets PML-300,

Magnetic Pick-up

2 LB Magnetic Pick up Tool 5"—26", 5-10LB Magnetic Pick up Tool, Magnetic Pick up Tool with white color ¢7X635 mm, Magnetic Pick up Tool with white color ¢7X635 mm, Various Magnetic Pick up Tool,

Magnetic Hooks

N42 magnetic hook D36*6.35 mm+ M4 female thread, ceramic hook magnets D40*10 mm+ M4 female thread, N42 ceiling hanging magnets D32*6.35 mm+M4 female thread, N42 magnetic base D47.5*8 mm,

Shuttering magnet

shuttering magnet

Magnetic Badge

Magnetic Badges D9X2.54mm, Magnetic Name Badges with Red Color N35 D9.5x1.5 mm, Magnetic Name Badges with Yellow Color N35 ¢3X1mm, Magnetic Woker NameBadges 45x13x6mm,

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