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SmCo Magnets

Samarium cobalt magnets (SMCO MAGNETS) are one kind of rare earth magnets  that are composed of samarium, cobalt and iron etc. There are two compositions for this magnetic material ,one is SmCo5 magnets  ,the other is Sm2Co17 magnets. SmCo5magnet is the first generation rare earth magnet , Sm2Co17 magnet is second generation rare earth magnet . Sm2Co17 magnet can give second energy ,we can manufacture and supply highest grade Sm2Co17 magnet in the world. Although Samarium Cobalt magnets is lower magnetic properties than NdFeB magnets, SmCo permanent magnets have better corrosion resistance and more stable working in high temp than NdFeB magnet. Because of Samarium Cobalt magnets excellent corrosion resistance, SmCo magnet do not need coating. Also they can working for long time in high temp more than 300 Centigrade degree.
SmCo(Samarium-Cobalt)Magnetis ideal for use in devices like servomotors, sensor controls and other equipments which require magnetic properties to be functional at the continuous raised temperature or under easy corrosion circumstance
We can supplySamarium-Cobalt(SmCo)Magnets with different size, tolerance, shape according to customer’s requirement.

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