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Various Shaped Magnets

  • Product Name:  Various Shaped Magnets
  • Origin:  China ,Ningbo
  • Packing:  Carton/Box/Pallet
  • Brand Name:  Anfeng
  • Delivery Time:  10-25days
  • Minimum Order:  1000pcs
  • Supply Ability:  3,000Tons/Year
  • Product Details:  Various Shaped Magnets

Name: Various Shaped Magnets
Material: Sm1Co5 and Sm2Co17
Samarium Cobalt Magnets (SmCo)arecomposed of Samarium ,Cobalt and Iron.
Samarium Cobalt Magnetic Material have the charact of great britteness and lacking of the ductibility therefore, it isn’t suitable of the material to be applied as structural parts when designed . The Physical Characteristics of Sm1Co5 is better than Sm2Co17.Because SmCo5 is Slightly easier to be machined while Sm2Co17 is more brittle.
Magnetized SmCo must be picked up carefully and gently during assemble process and kept away from ironware to avoid mutually attracting causing chips and cracks or other damage to magnets appearance , or it will even hurt operations in case that two strongly magnetized slices firmly attract unexpectedly.
1) Constitution: 35% Sm, 60% Co and 5% Fe & Cu
2) Samarium Cobalt magnet has superior resistance to high temperature(max temp reaches 350 degree centigrade).When working at above 180 degree centigrade, its maximum energy product BH and temperature stability are superior than NdFeB magnet.
2) Excellent resistance to corrosion, no coating is needed for the surface protecting.
3) SmCo is suitable for machines with high magnetic requirements and good for strict working environment requirements
4) All sorts of SmCo are used in the electronic magnetron, magnetic transmission, magnetic treatment, magnistor, etc.
Process flow:
Material-----Mixing-----Melting-----Power-----Pressing-----Sintering----Magnetic Inspection-----Cuttingand Grinding-----Inspection-----Packing and Shipping
Various Shaped Magnets

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