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Anfeng is a professional magnet manufacturer and permanent magnet exporter located in Ningbo China with Ningbo shanghai ports We supply rare earth magnets specialize in NdFeB magnet ferrite AlNiCo SmCo rubber magnet with various kinds of shapes including disc magnets block magnets ring magnets cylinder magnets sphere magnets countersunk pot magnets mounting and holding magnets generator arcs cube magnets ball magnets bars and other customized shapes Also we devote ourselves into related products such as magnet tools magnet assembles and so on Our magnets are widely used and applied in electronic products home appliances automobiles motor and generators sensors and switches rotors and...

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MagnetMagnetsMagnet RodPVC MagnetsPot MagnetsCup MagnetsFerrite RodDisc MagnetsRing MagnetsMagnetic RodSmCo MagnetsNdFeB MagnetsMagnetic DiscMagnetic HookMagnetic TubeMagnetic CubeSphere MagnetMagnetic BaseAlNiCo MagnetsHolding MagnetMagnetic BlockConcave MagnetsMagnetic BadgesPot Magnet BaseTherapy MagnetsPermanent MagnetsNeodymium MagnetsMemo Board MagnetRound Magnet BaseIndustrial MagnetsRectangular MagnetMnZn Ferrite CoresRare Earth MagnetsSuper Large MagnetsCountersunk MagnetsCeramic Hook MagnetsFlexible Magnet StripMagnetic Pick Up ToolNeodymium Pot MagnetsMagnetic Ball BraceleCeramic Ferrite BlockNeodymium Ball MagnetsRare Earth Magnet RingRing Neodymium MagnetsRare Earth Magnet DiscCeiling Hanging MagnetsNeodymium Motor MagnetsRare-Earth Ring MagnetsFlexible Rubber MagnetsStrong NdFeB Pot MagnetsNeodymium Sphere MagnetsRare Earth Sphere MagnetsCustomized Sphere MagnetsMagnetic Woker NameBadgesNeodymium Lifting MagnetsCustom Magnets with GrooveSilver Plated Ball MagnetsStrong Power NdFeB MagnetsNeodymium Countersunk MagnetNickel Plated Sphere MagnetsNdFeB Ring Permanent MagnetsVarious NdFeB Sphere MagnetsVarious Magnetic Pick Up ToolNeodymium Countersunk MagnetsZinc Plated Strong Pot MagnetsStrong Neodymium Motor MagnetsZinc and Nickel Plated MagnetsNeodymium Arc & Segment MagnetsNeodymium Drilled Block MagnetsRare Earth NdfeB Lifting MagnetsZinc Plated NdFeB Segment MagnetsStrong Round Base Mounting MagnetsMagnetic Name Badges with Red ColorStrong Rare Earth Neodymium MagnetsStrong Neodymium Countersunk MagnetsFlexible Magnets Strip /Magnetic TapeMagnetic Pick Up Tool with White ColorMagnetic Name Badges with Yellow ColorNeodymium Drilled /Countersunk MagnetsRare Earth Permanent Countersunk MagnetsNdFeB Motor Magnet/neodymium Motor MagnetsRare Earth Permanent Arc & Segment MagnetsNeodymium Countersunk Magnets with Flat-head Screw
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